– employees work time management program

Scheduler allows you to manage the working time of employees, including labor law. It’s a web app, so just use it with your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Thanks to a clear schedule, you can set the working time of employees who work on both the work contract and the work contract in minutes. Scheduler automatically calculates working time standards for different bases and job dimensions. Start and end times are automatically adjusted to the most common values ​​for each employee. Setting standards and counting the days are based on a three month billing period. Scheduler, in addition to work, allows you to mark any change of work, including: medical leave, leave or absence. You can freely add and configure types of job changes. The program also includes the provisions of labor law, so it is impossible to plan work unlawfully. The division of employees into units and divisions allows for better management and delegation of powers to the appropriate Managers. In addition, the Controller account allows you to monitor the state of your system without the risk of unwanted interference.

Scheduler has been implemented and tested in a company employing more than 1300 employees and having about 40 branches throughout Poland. Over half a year of programmers’ co-operation with the human resources department resulted in solutions tailored to human needs, an optimized user interface, and the elimination of errors and imperfections.

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